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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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1. How thick are the socks?
All EWS socks are made from thick high quality American cotton, similar to athletic socks or tennis socks. For those who prefer a less thicker sock we have the dress socks (men only). The dress sock stretches to 23 inches, whereas the other EWS socks stretch up to 25 inches!

2. What is the height of the socks?
The quarter socks reach just above the ankle. Crew, medical and dress socks reach half-way the calf.  

3. At which temperature can I wash the socks?
We recommend to wash the socks at 40 degrees Celsius and keep colour by colour. At higher temperatures the colour will gradually fade. For white socks higher temperatures are no problem.  

4. Which size should I choose?
Choose the same size for the socks as the size of your shoes.
It is not necessary to choose a bigger size!
For example: if you have a shoe size 14, you choose socks size 11-16.

5. Fit the socks over casts?
Yes! If you have a cast or an Unna boot, our sock will slip right over it for added protection and warmth. We recommend in this case to choose the sock in a larger size!

6. I have very swollen feet. Are the socks really non-binding? 
Yes. The socks are truly wide, comfortable and non-binding. They will not leave marks or cut of the blood circulation.
Note: For very swollen feet we don't recommend the dress socks, they stretch to 23 inches whereas the crew, quarter and medical socks stretch up to 25 inches. The Loose Fit socks stretch to 22 inches.

7. What is the difference between a crew sock and a medical sock?  
The material!
Crew sock: 91% cotton, 7% nylon, 2% spandex
Medical sock: 93% cotton, 7% nylon
In addition the medical sock has an inverted toe seam, for a seamless feel (specifically for people with diabetes). And the medical socks contain Microban (tm), this antimicrobial technology helps prevent the growth of odour causing bacteria. We recommend the medical sock for people with a medical condition like oedema or diabetes. If you just have big or large feet and ankles, the crew or quarter sock is a good choice.  

8. Is there a local shop where I can buy the socks?  
Not yet. For the moment the EWS socks are only for sale through our web shop.

9. I don't like internet payments. Can I still order socks?  
Yes you can order the socks online and choose the option to pay via International Bank Account Number (IBAN) transfer.  As soon as we receive your payment we will ship the socks.

10. I am not satisfied with the socks, can I return them or change my order?
Yes of course. If the socks don't fit or if you just don't like them you can return the socks to us. As soon as we receive them you will get a refund. Please notice us by e-mail: info@extrawijdesokken.nl.

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