You asked for a wider sock… We heard you!

Extra Wide Socks are the solution when you have swollen or wide feet, poor circulation or other medical conditions such as Edema that makes it difficult to wear socks. This sock proves to be the only sock that can be comfortably worn throughout the day and will not cut off the circulation of blood.

Our socks stretch up to 25 inches!

Our socks are unlike any others on the market. The socks are equally wide in the foot, ankle and calf and have the ability to stretch up to 25 inches.

The Extra Wide Sock is not only worn for medical reasons. In fact a large number of our customers simply have very wide feet and ankles. We have clients from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands!

So look no further

The “Extra Wide Sock Manufacturer" has consistently won awards including manufacturer of the year at the BATA show (Big and Tall Association) in the USA.

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